Mat Gold Traders is an indigenous African company that has been in existence for 12 years with its home based in Uganda and in South Africa. As an indigenous company we trade in gold locally obtained from the local mines of the great lakes region from countries such as Uganda, democratic republic of Congo, Kenya, Tanzania and so many other countries. We are a fully licensed gold mining and trading company in Uganda. Our sources of gold include our local efforts in the mining sector, rebels from the democratic republic of Congo and the artisanal miners that are settled on the gold mines. Being a local company we have gold from different countries and we sale our gold at the most affordable prices that you can obtain gold from in Africa which makes it inevitable to do business.

As a local and independent physical gold trading company we sell 22k gold doer bars with 98.8% purity professionally tested by the independent government laboratories in the country. Therefore buying or trading gold with us has never been a risk because we have all the necessary documentation for you to trade with us since we also understand how important documentation is in this kind of business.

When trading this precious metal we start from 50 grams to kilos since we have a big supply from the local artisanal miners in the different countries of east Africa. Even people new in the gold business can still work with us because we can give you adequate information about the gold industry such that you invest in something that you really understand.

For more information you can always communicate with us directly or through WhatsApp.



We mine and source our Gold from different parts of Africa.


Respect to our clients is paramount and we highly value you.


We handle our clients and dealing with you with utmost transparency.


As a company, we handle our products and Clients with integrity.